Are you aware of the problems you will have to face in case ransomware encrypts all of the files in your computer? This particular type of computer virus encrypts all data in the PC it attacks and requires the owner to send a specific amount of cash in the form of Bitcoins to an unknown wallet in order to receive the key to decrypt the infected files and make them usable. If you do not pay the sum within a couple of days, you lose access to all those files. You could have prevented this attack from taking place and kept your PC safe against attacks by viruses and malware with the help of professional programs like Bitdefender Total Security.

Pocket-Friendly Price

This popular antivirus defender costs much less than the amount you would have to pay as ransom. The antivirus experts of Bitdefender Internet Security track the net for strains of new viruses and create code, which can stop them from harming your data. The program is coded in such a way that it auto updates itself with the latest antivirus signatures as soon as the experts add the same on their server. Cyber experts acknowledge the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus as the ultimate in online security. Its special configuration provides multi layer ransomware protection to defend your desktop and laptop against cryptoware, preventing it from encrypting your valuable files. Unlike other similar programs, Bitdefender 2017 does not consume too much system resources, thereby preserving the speed of your laptop without draining its battery.


Does this Company Offer Protection for Different Operating Systems?

The Bitdefender full is available for different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, as well as for the Android platform. If you still have any doubts, visit any reputable online antivirus review site like and go through the total security 2017 review posted there by cyber security experts, which includes the Mac review too. The Windows Bitdefender is far more powerful than the Windows defender 10, which ships as a part of the Windows operating system. If you are still not satisfied, visit and click on the Bitdefender download link, select the operating system of your computer, and download and install the program.


Try Before You Buy

You have the option of trying Bitdefender Total Security for 30 days before you need to purchase it. Remember, the trial edition does not contain all the powerful features of the paid version. On the one hand, you cannot provide your computer the same level of security by purchasing any other antivirus programs, as they cannot deal with malware such as Trojans, phishers, cryptoware and other harmful codes. On the other hand, the full suite of Bitdefender 2017 has the capability to stop all types of attacks on your personal computer. As mentioned above, the trial version has certain restrictions. It can detect viruses and other malware, but cannot remove them. Why take a risk with your vital data, when you can safeguard them properly with the help of Bitdefender Total Security? Install its paid version today and surf online with peace of mind.